Friday, July 6, 2007


We were tagged by Jeannie and Jewel to show our SMILE~!

Definately a happy dog lying on the bed with the cushion to chew on.

I'm always happy!
There's nothing to be unhappy about.


We are tagging Amber-Mae, Lil Miss Reina, Tang Tang and our hamterrier Girl Girl.

Show us your smile!

Monday, July 2, 2007

Say hello to Murrek!

Ain't she cute in those greenie?!

Over Due

I'm sorry I can't get to the computer, S was really busy these days doing stuff!

In response to the replies for my last post, I still don't know what did Reina's mum and S did in the kitchen! She fed us crumps!!! How evil were they! They gave us the left overs. They said it was meant for Odie and Oreo...... Who are they anyway to make our hoomans stay in the kitchen for them!
I'm also angry with S that she went out without us on Sat and Sun! Both days I heard she went to this same place and event. She said she saw many many nice and pretty toys. I wonder if i can chew on them and play tug-of-war with Slurpee with them. hmmmm..... Let's see them.

This is where they went!

This is S with her fav toy mascott at the event.

And of course there was TOKIDOKI! S's favourite!!

This is Furi Furi, he is one of the guest artist for this event.

And this is Touma, the other artist for this event. Both artist are from JAPAN~!

This is S's friend he took part in a small competition, he was suppose to put together pieces of Trexi show in the image. and he won! the lastest full series of Coca-Cola Trexi!! S thinks it's worth like $100+ ahahahah how cool is that!

YES! she went to see toys TWO days in a row!!!
I wana go too and bite the big brown bear!
Have a nice Monday!
When is the weekend coming?

Friday, June 22, 2007

What are they up to?

S and Reina's mum have been in the kitchen almost every weekend.
I wonder what are they up to?
I hope they cook something nice and yummy for us, why would they wana waste time sitting in the kitchen right?


Monday, June 18, 2007

Pups for adoption

Some puppies were found at a construction site.
For adoption enquiries, Contact Avril or
Calling out to commited dog lovers.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

7 things we didn't mention!

We have been tagged by Jeannie and Jewel! To tell you 7 things we never mentioned in our blog and tag another 7 other doggies!

1. I BURPS like a man.
I also fart alot!
2. I love watching the TV w the hoomans
3. My naughty corner is a reclining chair in front of a TV...
4. My mummy is my fav. person in the whole world!!!!! *luv mummy*
5. I ate Chocolate before! :S
6. And I managed to open and eat a fresh packet of Spicy Calebee potato chips!!!
7. I got a swimming pool just like Lil Miss Reina only much bigger. *S bought it for me*

1. I sat on Lil Miss Reina before....... I'm sorry Reina!
2. I dragged here around as well~ *I think she had fun*
3. My tail always smacks Gigi's face. I think that's why she dont like me....
4. I love talking to Hoomans by howling.
5. I was afraid of water before this nice stranger introduce me to water at the Dog run.
6. I love water now~!
7. C says I'm a kluts.....

Sorry Reina.....Here's what happen....I didn't mean it...

1. I love pain?!??!
2. I like playing with hard and solid food.
3. I hate it when L wants to clip me nails...
4. I faint when I'm out and about in the sun too long.
5. I'm a guy...not a a guy...hmmmm.... i wonder
6. I love bullying Gigi
7. I hate people on motorcycles!

1. I hate nachos's tail!
2. I get away being old. sometimes
3. I hate children making noise outside! Totally hate them.
4. I love singing along to the horn that the garang guni man makes.
5. I'm round.....heheheh
6. I can't see....yet I still can!
7. I eat almost everything!

We are gonna tag......... Lil Miss Reina, Amber-Mae, Oscar, Lorenza, Ah Tang, Maggie and Mitch!~!!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Visit lil sheep

Thanks all for your suggestion to the colours for lil sheep.
S went to lil sheep's doctor yesterday and said she saw many other sheeps there!
but lil sheep is only to be operated next month.....:(
I wonder why S keeps talking about this doctor called Ah Bang. I think he makes a bang bang sound....oh! Ah Bang got a doggie! called Bomo! hehhehe... S says he really looks cute but very possasive of food. He seem to be scary when there is food.
I'll get S to take a pic of bomo and post it here to show everyone. He is looking after S's lil sheep..

Jeannie and Jewel tagged us!
I better go let the others know!